Member Meeting 4

September 14, 2017 • Boston
Hosted By Boston Children’s Hospital


Submitting this form does not mean you’ve been approved for the event — do not book your travel yet.

This is a private event for Health members. All registrations are subject to approval at the sole discretion of Health. If your registration is not approved, we will issue you a full refund.

  1. If you are already on your organization’s roster, you will be approved.
  2. If you work at a member organization, you must be on your organization’s roster before you can attend. It takes up to two weeks to complete the screening and approval process, and there are no rush approvals. Frankly, these meetings are for active members of the community (not regular events that anyone can pay to attend). Please don’t come to the event if you’re not planning on fully participating in the community. When you complete this form, we’ll start the approval process.