Mini Member Meeting

August 8, 2018 • Portland

Private, Confidential, and Invite-Only

Wednesday, August 8 (Members and Guests)



8:30 AM Registration is open
9:00 AM Opening Discussions at Breakfast
Get here on time and grab a seat at the table. The conversations over coffee and eggs at this meeting are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour.
9:30 AM Large Group Discussion on Social Media’s Role During a Crisis
Social media can be the focal point and primary source of information during a crisis situation. Our social channels can become outlets for updates during a public health situation, or are often ground zero for crises that originate there. During this discussion, we’ll talk about how our teams are set up to handle each situation. What role do our social media managers play, and how do we work with other key stakeholders? We can also share thoughts on playbooks and how we prepare ourselves to handle crisis situations.
10:45 AM Break


10:55 AM Unconference Introduction
11:00 AM Unconference Round 1
11:25 AM Break
11:35 AM Unconference Round 2

Let’s Eat!

12:00 PM Lunch Discussions
This sit-down lunch is your first opportunity to meet all of the great social media leaders (and members of Health) you’ll get to know at the meeting.

Show & Tells

1:00 PM Podcasting: Bringing your voice to the masses

Lauren Suedkamp, UC Davis Health

Social Media Strategist Lauren Suedkamp will talk about podcasting from the hospital setting — a way to communicate and promote a program that is less amenable to traditional marketing. She’ll go into detail about their EM Pulse podcast and how they launched it, as well as how they’ve promoted and worked with emergency medicine doctors to promote and grow their audience.

1:30 PM Break
1:45 PM Successfully integrating traditional PR with social media

Elizabeth Brophy, Providence St. Joseph Health

Both traditional PR and social media are critically important to any healthcare organization’s external communication strategy. Director of Communication, Public Relations Elizabeth Brophy will share insights into how Providence St. Joseph Health strategizes and manages a multi-media editorial calendar that encompasses both.

2:15 PM Break
2:30 PM Hear something, do something: Turning social listening into action

Carrie Yutzy, Cedars-Sinai

What’s the next step after social listening? Cedars-Sinai’s Social Media Manager of Digital Strategy, Carrie Yutzy, will break down their strategy on how to take action on what you hear.

3:00 PM Snack Break
3:30 PM Doctors and social media: Positives and perils

Kathryn Peck and Cynthia Manley, Oregon Health & Science University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Both Oregon Health & Science University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center have made some good strides working with their doctors that are active on Twitter — but it’s not always a positive experience. Kathryn Peck and Cynthia Manley will share their successes and challenges managing their hospitals’ physicians in social media.

4:00 PM Break
4:15 PM Social media’s role in marketing

Liz Martin, University Hospitals

Senior Social Media Strategist Liz Martin will share a look at how social media experts can help to inform and enhance marketing as a whole for their organizations.

4:45 PM Adjourn and Say Goodbye

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