Member Meeting 2
October 25-26, 2016
New York

What the meeting was like

Our second Member Meeting held in New York was a full 36 hours of collaboration, meeting new friends, and great conversations.

To kick things off, social media leaders from all over gathered at The New York Academy of Medicine to hear Health members share eight great case studies on their social media programs. (Catch the Storify recap here.) Later that day, members had a chance to get to know each other over a family-style dinner before the next day’s unconference.

The unconference was the best part: the entire day was all about member-led conversations and confidential discussions. We began by diving deep on the topic of driving social media across the organization. Members shared how they’re integrating social media into aspects of the hospital business from patient care to facility improvements.

After the morning discussion, we shifted into our afternoon breakout sessions — a series of 16 small-group discussions with topics chosen and led by the members, not the moderator. We gathered around whiteboards to talk about subjects like video content, patient stories, team structure, training programs, and much more.

To end the day, we sat down with physician, medical author, New York Times Magazine columnist, and assistant clinical professor Lisa Sanders. Dr. Sanders shared her experience and challenges telling patients’ stories and more.