Member Meeting 5

January 22-24, 2018 • Orlando

Conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

Monday, January 22 (Pre-Conference)


10:00 AM Opening Session

Expert-Led Sessions

10:20 AM

Momentum: How to propel your marketing and transform your brand in the digital age

Shama Hyder, CEO of The Zen Marketing Group and author of Momentum

Today’s online ecosystem can be summed up in one word: overwhelming. With new social media platforms popping up all the time and new technologies disrupting even the most “reliable” marketing strategies, you’re faced with the challenge of getting ahead in an environment that makes it seem impossible to keep up. In this talk you’ll learn the five essential principles required to develop a successful marketing plan that will withstand the digital world’s constant changes and result in real ROI.

How to use consumer-generated content in the buyer journey

Sara Spivey, CMO of BazaarVoice

Consumers want to interact with your brand. They share reviews, posts, photos, and all sorts of content. Sara will teach you how to leverage that social content with practical tips and case studies of how great brands use the consumer voice as a mainstay of their marketing strategy to inform and influence the buyer journey. Learn how the smart digital marketer is using consumer generated content to find new buyers, influence their decisions, get them to buy, and stay customers for life.

11:05 AM Break
11:15 AM

The 5 content strategy archetypes

Omar Akhtar, Altimeter

Discover breakthrough research on content archetypes and what they mean to your social media strategy. If you’re creating content as an organization, chances are you’re creating too much of it. And most of it isn’t really working for you or the customer. In this session, Altimeter’s Omar Akhtar will walk us through the five different content strategy archetypes that companies can choose from to minimize content waste, establish strong publishing criteria, and truly create the most value for their customers.

How to fight the resistance to organizational change

Justine Lai and Usha Gubbala, August Public

As pioneers in this space, you are faced with the organizational antibodies every time you try and influence the organization, the brand, or the customer. These antibodies limit your ability to enact your vision for the organization and truly realize the potential of social media to shape the future of your company. Success depends on effectively fighting and harnessing the organizational antibodies in order to build the coalition you need to drive change. Learn three key practices that enable success: accelerated decision-making, deliberate transparency, and leveraging personal impact.

Lunch Presentation and Conversations

12:10 PM Community Lunch and Conversations
12:30 PM Keynote: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Daniel Pink

Everyone knows that timing is everything. But we don’t know much about timing itself. Our lives are a never-ending stream of “when” decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person. Yet we make those decisions based on intuition and guesswork.

Timing, it’s often assumed, is an art. But in this talk, Pink will show us that timing is really a science.

Drawing on a rich trove of research from psychology, biology, and economics, Pink reveals how best to live, work, and succeed. How can we use the hidden patterns of the day to build the ideal schedule? Why do certain breaks dramatically improve student test scores? How can we turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start? Why should we avoid going to the hospital in the afternoon? Why is singing in time with other people as good for you as exercise? And what is the ideal time to quit a job, switch careers, or get married?

In this talk, Pink distills cutting-edge research and data on timing and synthesizes them into fascinating insights into how we can live richer, more engaged lives.

1:00 PM Break

Expert-Led Sessions

1:30 PM

The community strategy workshop: Check, tweak, and rebuild your community strategy: Part 1

Richard Millington, CEO of FeverBee and author of Buzzing Communities

A great community strategy sets goals, establishing desires member behaviors, identifies emotions to amplify, and tactics to execute. Most importantly, a great community strategy identifies where to spend limited resources to have the biggest impact.

In the past decade, FeverBee has helped 1200+ engagement professionals across hundreds of organizations (Facebook, Google, Oracle, SAP, Greenpeace, Novartis, and Porsche) rethink and revamp their community strategy. Our strategies help clients stop endlessly chasing more engagement and become laser focused on core behaviors that have a lasting impact.

During this session, we’re going to work at an advanced strategy level and distill the top lessons from our work over the past decade into a simple template you can use to test and rebuild your community strategy.

You’re going to learn why most strategies fail, the 6 kinds of strategies hat usually succeed, how to clearly articulate your strategy, and how to embed psychology principles to get members to perform the behaviors you need to execute your strategy.

How to take your social media program back from your agency: Part 1

Scott Monty, Chris Barger, and Tim Hayden of Brain+Trust Partners

Learn from three legends of corporate social media on how to take back your social media program from your agencies. They’ve got your inbox filled with demo invitations, they say your request for attribution metrics is “out of scope,” and you’re not sure if all their recommendations are meant to help you or win them another award. The good news: It’s now easier than ever to consolidate your tools, bring design and media efforts in-house, and generate better creative internally. Discover the big ideas on how to do it in this two-part session.

2:15 PM Break
2:30 PM How to build bigger, better, and more active online communities: Part 2 How to take your social media program back from your agency: Part 2
3:15 PM Break
3:25 PM

Blockchain for social media marketers

Jeremy Epstein, author of The CMO Primer for the Blockchain World

Blockchain is poised to disrupt everything — including marketing. In this session with the expert on the intersection of blockchain and marketing — Jeremy Epstein — you’ll learn what blockchain is, how it will affect your marketing program, and what you should do about it. Whether you need to get a program going tomorrow, or just need to be able to “talk the talk,” this is the session for you.

How to (actually) predict the future: Trends that matter for 2018

Rohit Bhargava, author of the Non-Obvious series

What if you could predict the future? It may not be as impossible as it seems. In this talk, trend expert, author of the Non Obvious book series, and professor Rohit Bhargava will share the five “non-obvious” habits to curate ideas and see what others miss. You will also learn specific trends from his 7+ years of research and best selling trend series that will change your business in 2018, along with highly actionable ideas for how to use them.

It’s a Wrap!

5:00 – 7:00 PM Welcome Dinner

We’ll launch the Winter Member Meeting with a big family dinner. Meet us at The Atlantic Dance Hall on Disney’s Boardwalk for a casual get-together with drinks and great food (including veggie options).

Tuesday, January 23



12:30 PM Lunch Discussions
Get here early and grab a seat at the table. This sit-down lunch is your first opportunity to meet all of the great social media leaders you’ll get to know at Member Meeting 5.
1:00 PM Welcome Session
1:30 PM Break

Show & Tells

1:40 PM Personalizing physicians through video

Dana Johnson, The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital’s FilMD: Doc-umentary Series turns the usual physician bio video concept on its head by getting personal with their MDs, asking questions ranging from “What’s one of your bad habits,” to “What’s something people wouldn’t guess about you?” Learn how this content performs on Facebook and see how easy it was to produce.

Managing your online reputation is critical to your success

Lauren McKinnon and Dawn Kahle, Children’s Health

Learn how to implement an online reputation management program and how you can make the information received from ratings and reviews actionable.

2:10 PM Break
2:20 PM Snapchat: Reaching new audiences through storytelling

Mackenzie Jones and Shawn Halls, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

An inside-look at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System’s experience of integrating Snapchat into their social media strategy.

Not partisan but not silent: How OHSU communicates its mission in a charged political environment

Kathryn Peck, OHSU

Learn how Oregon Health and Science University communicates its mission in a charged political environment.

2:50 PM Break


3:00 PM Unconference Introduction
3:10 PM Unconference Round 1
3:40 PM Break
3:50 PM Unconference Round 2
4:20 PM Break
4:30 PM Unconference Round 3

Time to unwind and make friends!

5:30 PM Reception

Meet us at the Bayside Marina behind the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts (just off the water) for drinks, snacks, and networking before we walk over to our Member Dinner.

6:30 PM Member Dinner

(Meet at the Bayside Marina behind the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts (just off the water) at 6:30 PM to walk with the group to Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion; a bus will also be available.)

The Member Meeting activities will continue — and one of the highlights is our big night out together. We’ll all go out for a fantastic dinner together at Epcot’s American Adventure, and then head over to the Isle de France for dessert and fireworks. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow members after a big day of brainstorming, discussion, and collaboration.

Wednesday, January 24


Rise and Shine!

8:00 AM Breakfast Discussions
The conversations over coffee and eggs at this event are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour. You’ll want to be here bright and early.

Show & Tells

9:00 AM How Mayo Clinic grappled and gained with social media governance

Makala Arce, Mayo Clinic

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how and why Mayo Clinic onboarded its many social media accounts to a social media management system (Sprinklr), and what significant internal shift became necessary.

Prepping for Irma: How social media was mobilized to help families ahead of Hurricane Irma

Josh Wilson, Nemours Children’s Health System

See how Nemours Children’s Health System helped families in need as Hurricane Irma approached Florida, mobilizing social media, PR, and web teams.

9:30 AM Break
9:40 AM How Orlando Health responded to the Pulse Nightclub tragedy

Kena Lewis, Orlando Health

Orlando Health’s Orlando Regional Medical Center is the area’s only Level One Trauma Center, and it became the focal point of a media frenzy in the aftermath of the second-worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Hear how Orlando Health’s media relations responded to crisis and massive media presence through social and traditional media. 

Thought leadership on social media

Alexis Shaw, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Alexis Shaw will share an overview of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s efforts to promote thought leadership across social media channels.

10:10 AM Big Break
10:40 AM Defining moment: Taking a risk that paid off

Vic Reiss, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

There comes a time when the social media team needs to flip the script and take the lead. Learn how CTCA’s social media team led the production and distribution of an original video series that reveals the origin of the passion their physicians demonstrated in their daily interactions with patients and how their childhood experience led them to become the caring physicians they are today.

Small teams, big ideas

Joe Colon, Atlantic Health System

See how to set yourself up for success with a small social media team. You’ll learn tips, tricks, and tools that can be used to share your hospital’s story with a small team.

11:10 AM Break
11:20 AM Taking the social out of social customer care

Becky Kolar, Aurora Health Care

How Aurora Health Care went from one person managing and answering intricate complaints and questions on the social media team, to a more efficient customer service process by looping in different departments.

Avera Balance: It’s more than just a blog

Alicia Schumacher and Paige Baskerville, Avera Health

Avera Health Care recently launched Balance, their health and wellness blog. Learn how the hospital has used a combination of content strategy and social media to leverage content across multiple platforms with increased engagement.

11:50 AM Break

Let’s Eat!

12:00 PM Lunch Discussions


1:00 PM Unconference Introduction
1:10 PM Unconference Round 1
1:40 PM Break
1:50 PM Unconference Round 2
2:20 PM Big Break
2:50 PM Unconference Round 3
3:20 PM Break
3:30 PM Unconference Round 4

See you next time!