You’ll love this community.

Michael Yoder

“Excellent collaboration among peers in a safe environment.”

Michael Yoder, Spectrum Health System

Elizabeth Martin

“I’ve gotten some great advice and brainstormed with people doing the same job — having that network is invaluable.”

Liz Martin, University Hospitals

Judy Pretto

“Looking for a safe place to get your tough questions answered, hang out with like-minded people, and discuss topics that are pertinent to your interests and industry? This community is it!”

Judy Pretto, Riverside Healthcare

Lisa McMahan

“Great opportunity to network (and empathize). There’s a lot of smart people together in the same room, and everyone ‘gets it.’”

Lisa McMahan, Oregon Health & Science University

Jessica Laurendeau

“These are your peers who are happy to help and can be a great resource.”

Jessica Laurendeau, Boston Children’s Hospital

Mo Moorman

“Finally, someone created an organization that doesn’t sell anything, but instead drops great knowledge via its members-only model. With membership restricted to only those responsible for social media at their organization, the value is significant.”

Mo Moorman, Aurora Health Care