Private chat with Nemours Children’s & UVM Medical about Health

May 17, 1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET


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About the call:

You’re invited to a private call with two of Health’s founding members, Alexandra Tursi of The University of Vermont Medical Center, and Lisa Klueppel of Nemours Children’s Health System.

It’s an open conversation about the Health community, why they became members, and how it works — as always, no vendors, completely confidential.

You’ll hear why being a part of the group has been such an important piece to Lisa and Alexandra’s social media program and ask any questions you have about membership.

(See our FAQ list for more details.)

Hosts leading this conversation:

Alexandra Tursi
Alexandra Tursi, Social Media Strategist
The University of Vermont Medical Center

Nicole Bent
Lisa Klueppel, Social Media Manager
Nemours Children’s Health System

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