Hospitals-Only Social Media Strategy Discussions

February 27, 2018
Social customer care and reputation management

1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET

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What we’ll talk about: Social customer care and reputation management

Social customer care can, and often does, have a direct impact on a hospital’s online reputation. Let’s talk about our approach to social customer care — who handles it, processes we have in place, and how we’re ensuring service recovery. We can also discuss how customer care impacts hospital reputation, and how we’re working to protect it. We’ll share the tools/platforms we use to monitor, as well as our workflow processes.

Hosts leading this conversation:

amanda henson
Amanda Henson, Director of Online Reputation Management
Kindred Healthcare

Joy Sautter, Manager of Online Reputation
Kindred Healthcare

Dawn Kahle, Senior Director of Communications
Children’s Health

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