Health membership benefits

There are a lot of ways to spend your budget in social media, but there aren’t many that give you as much value-per-dollar as this community.

For your $15,000 annual membership, you get:

  • A membership for your brand in our private community
  • 45 annual peer-to-peer collaborative calls
  • Member Meetings (+ registration fee)
  • Unlimited questions and real-time answers from our discussions
  • The best support and service from a member organization that you’ve ever seen

Leaders Only

Exclusive group for decision makers

45 Annual Calls

Annual peer-to-peer calls

Unlimited Questions and Answers

Questions and answers

Amazing Support and Service

Support and service

Or, for the same cost you could get:

1 Commissioned Report

Commissioned Report

Key benefits you also receive:

  • A hospitals-only community exclusively for decision makers with substantial professional experience and social media sophistication
  • High-value content you can’t get anywhere else
  • Current, real-time content — before other sources can deliver it
  • Better answers to critical questions from private, off-the-record sources
  • Market intelligence and peer benchmarking
  • Risk avoidance
  • Vendor screening

And you also get some really important things that are a little harder to quantify:

  • A trusted place to ask about vendors before signing those big contracts
  • When a crisis happens, we’ll help you craft a better plan, faster
  • When new tools and technologies emerge, we’ll be the first to share hands-on experiences and strategies
  • The ability to benchmark your program against other major hospitals
  • You won’t get caught by surprise when big, unexpected changes happen
  • A network of social media leaders you can count on for support

Everything’s included.

Membership in Health comes with no upsells, ever. The only thing you’ll pay for are your annual dues and meeting fees. You’ll never get a pitch to buy a report, a trade show booth, or consulting services.

With a Health membership you get:

A hospitals-only, vendor-free community

A hospitals-only, vendor-free community

Fast answers from people like you

Fast answers from people like you

Unbiased and unfiltered conversations

Unbiased and unfiltered conversations

Reduced risk

Reduced risk

Or, for the same cost you could:

Hire a consultant for a day

Hire a consultant for a day

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